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[pct-l] Tents for one

I like the new Eureka Zepher tent for 1999 with roof vent + vestible with a
weight of around 5 lbs. Has a 36 inch height and 24 sq. ft. inside. ( 139.00
in campmor ) In old days, used I then new, Eureka timberline at around 8 lbs.
( good but heavy ) A walrus swift looks good too for smaller hikers. Trouble
with much of todays gear is it,s made to fit women and small men. Larger
hikers are stuck when trying to find a bag to sleep in  or one man tent to
crawl in. ( makes for cheap entertanment for other hikers though ) Even the
"long" bags are a trick to zip around your shoulders even though they are
wider as well. Does anyone know if the old Frostline Company is still out
there? Signed ,someone not 5'10" and 165 lbs.
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