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[pct-l] Section N detour

/delurk set to ON

Greetings! I am a '99er gonna-be, planning to leave Campo in late April.

A friend who is also a '99er mentioned a trail detour in Section N.
Specifically, according to her information, '98 hikers had to follow
logging roads around a number of trail washouts between Myrtle Flat and
Poison Spring.
Does anyone know if this is still the case? And if so, is the detour
relatively easy to find / follow?

Thanks for the input, and I apologize in advance if this topic has been
discussed previously. I have been unable to access and search the archives

BTW, this is *not* my biggest worry of the upcoming trek. In fact, I've
almost stopped worrying altogether about gear, mail drops, and route
finding. I *do* worry about being in shape at the hike's beginning, and
about having enough variety of food. The first I am working on, the second
I am *really* working on.

Thanks again.


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