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[pct-l] Letters of encouragement

Thanks Brick for letting us know about Joanne and Jim, you really 
understand how much a note can mean to us on the trail. I mailed them each a 
letter.  Receiving mail from family, friends and other hikers is very 
important on the trail, it can make the difference between a thru hike and a 
short hike!  

Walt and I remember how it was those first 150 miles -- blisters, heat, 
thirst, fatigue, bugs, sand,etc ... all are part of the "Journey." The PCT 
is hard work and a renewal of our inner spirit.  We are challenged and tried 
and we grow to love ourselves and our earth more deeply than we did before 
because perspective of who we are becomes clearer -- there aren't as many 
distractions.  The first 2 weeks are really hard, our bodies had to get use 
to the constant breaking down and regrowth of muscles as we were subjected 
to a variety of terrain and our brain had to learn the rythm of the trail.  
Walt and I learned that it was best to take one day, or one section, at a 
time -- hiking the PCT was our Journey -- Monument 78 was just a 

For those of you who are not hiking this year, but want to help the '99 
class, get on the PCT Roster and pick a hiker to adopt and write to them 
along the trail, or even drop a post card to someone, anyone -- it really 
helps!  Attitude is so very important on the trail -- it can make or break 
you.  In '97 Cool Breeze made picked up Walt and my spirits so many times by 
leaving us little messages of encouragement along the way -- it can be just  
that simple to keep someone on the trail!

Enough -- we leave in three weeks and 2 days!

Happy Trails Couple

**See you on the trail

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