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[pct-l] Esbit and Nomad info

FYI - Just received my Esbit stove in the mail and brought 3 cups of
cold water to a roiling boil in 9 minutes at 7,100 feet using an MSR
windscreen. Total weight of stove, windscreen and fuel tab: 5 1/4 oz. I
had hoped it would work this well. It will be my stove on the trail.

My Nomad Lite arrived today as well and is pitched in my back yard.
Yeah, Kurt! Obviously I haven't field tested it but I've set it up three
times now, and it gets easier each time. I'm using my trekking poles.
The tent really and truly does weight exactly 1 1/2 pounds. It needs 3
stakes. I will try the really light weight guys for at least the first
part of the trip and see how they do. Will have heavier ones sent if necessary.

At any rate, both of these ultra light weight items live up to and
beyond my hopes for them. I'm delighted. Only my Feathered Friends
Hummingbird remains to be delivered, and it isn't due until 2 days
before I leave. And a few teeny items like lighters and waterproof matches.

So now the focus is on spaghetti leather, granola baking, GORP mixing
and jerky drying. The fun stuff. And of course training. I start walking
a month from tomorrow. Clearly my excitement level is enormous at the
moment. Thanks for giving me a forum to celebrate with people who understand.

Enjoy the evening.

Namaste, m
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