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[pct-l] Stove Test

If you think your butane stove is up to snuff for the PCT. Put your
stove and
fuel canister in the freezer for 2 hours, then take out and try to cook.

For what it's worth, an alternative POV:
I've camped/backpacked in zero degree temps a few times, both in snow and
not, in mountainous terrain and in the lowlands, and have successfully used
a canister stove (GAZ Turbo 270) each time. As the lady mentioned, if the
canister is warm (or warmed), the outside temps don't affect them much. I
slept with mine in the foot of my sleeping bag. In the mornings, it fired up
quick and hot. Before the evening meal, I'd take the canister out of the
pack, put it inside my down coat (but not next to my skin!) and my body heat
warmed it up while I set up the tent, pumped water, pulled out my evening
meal and pot(s). Again, no problems.

Since I've never used any of the modern white gas stoves such as an MSR
Whisperlite (though I used a SVEA white gas stove for 15 years), I can't
speak to their efficiency, appropriateness in specific situations, or care.
All stoves probably have their advantages and disadvantages, IMHO.

Craig Smith
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