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[pct-l] Stove Test

If you think your butane stove is up to snuff for the PCT. Put your stove and
fuel canister in the freezer for 2 hours, then take out and try to cook.
Backpacker mag claims at 45 degrees, butane starts to fade at sea level, but
can work to freezing at 10,000. Isobane (msr) is good to 40 degrees, blended
will work to below freezing because the propane will vaporize but good luck on
the butane left in the last part of the canister. If you could hike the pct at
each sections choice time, no problem. But the thu-hiker will not be that
lucky. You will see old man winter somwhere on the way. I can,t believe some
of the arrogance some of these ultra-lights show with disreguard to snow and
snow safety. If you are in steep snow with no way to stop, you are a fool. You
only hear from people that finish. Many hikers have sprained ankles or worse
who carry this same happy go lucky, every day will be sunny attitude. Alot of
people will not finish because they take snow too lightly and are so worried
about packs weight that they go unprepared for late spring storms that may
dump a foot of spring snow and make for some interesting hiking in tennis
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