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[pct-l] GPS

I am beginning to plan a two month hike along the California part 
of the PCT next July and August.  I am guessing that a global 
positioning satellite receiver would not be useful given that the 
trail is well marked.  

I often hike early in the season when trails are covered with snow.  
I think a GPS receiver would be handy in this case.

I used a GPS this summer on a one week trip north of Yosemite.  The
unit did a good job of detecting our location even in broken forest.
On the other hand, most maps do not have grid lines marked on the
map or use a grid system based on townships rather than those used
by the GPS.  Translating GPS coordinates to the map was awkward.

I am hopeful that GPS will become useful as the units get lighter 
and maps get adapted for GPS.


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