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[pct-l] RE: pct-l-digest V1 #572

>I can't help but think that some hiker enemy - horse-rider, senator, or
> estate developer - has infiltrated this list and spread some sort of virus
> that turns us all against each other.

Oops, did you say  - horse-rider? I AM one but I am not your enemy. I heard
the problems you think you have to deal with, but horse riders are not
anti-hikers, we just like to enjoy the scenery like you, but we prefer to be
less of a human athlete and more a part of a horse. It's the only way some
disabled folks can see the grandeur that is ours.

A lot of trail repair is done by riders. Moving the dirt, logs, rocks and
clearing some places couldn't be done otherwise except with a TRACTOR, now
we don't want tractor trenches to step in do we?

We are all drawn to same thing, wilderness. That's why you AND me are on
this list. What I am interested in is kin to what you are too.

Sorry I don't intend to offend, but I lurk here and this just brought me
I don't want to see anti-horse flaming again. Back to lurking.

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