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[pct-l] Thru Hiker Whereabouts

In a message dated 8/25/2004 1:19:32 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
jeff.singewald@commerceone.com writes:

> Just received email from Team Greasepot last night from The Inn at 
> Snoqualmie.  Team GP wrote this: "We just finished our toughest day on the trail yet, 
> and the toughest 100 miles.  Constant rain."

I don't get it.  I don't remember that section of trail to be the "toughest 
100 miles" on the trail.  It's probably the most benign in Washington.  Oh, 
it's the rain!

Let's see, rain/hiking vs. work, work vs. hiking/rain?  I'd take the rain 
anyday.  : )