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[pct-l] Fires around Mt. Adams

Curious how I could get more information on these fires and potential PCT closure specifically in Southern Washington and Northern OR.  I am planning a Skykomish - Timberline hike from August 23rd - Sept 8th and hope that these fires will not impede my plans or cause too much stress.
Also curious as to why all has been quiet the last few days --- maybe we should talk about BEAR CONTAINERS again or CANINES on the TRAIL.
Duane - shutterbug

Monte Dodge <montedodge@msn.com> wrote:
Fires are going on around Mt. Adams right now . South Climb route is now closed and could close in on PCT route.
Just read how U.S. Dept. of Interior is selling 3.4 million acres of our public land they deemed for sell. They get to keep 20 percent of the money. Didn't say where the other 80 percent of funds go.. Get out your VISA card and bid against the big corporations and you may get lucky!! ( This bill was pasted 4 years ago and they wish to pass this thru 2015)
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