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[pct-l] Donner Pass to Walker Pass

dbooth@cyberone.com.au writes:

> > Any thoughts about getting transport from Truckee or Reno to Donner Pass?
> > Greyhound to Truckee then what?


In 1999, I rode the Greyhound from San Francisco via Sacramento and over 
Donner Pass.  I paid the fare to Truckee, and the driver was kind enough to let me 
off at the rest stop near the trailhead.  He said he was able to do that 
because he could pull off the highway there.  I know there is a summit rest stop 
on the opposite side of the highway as well, so perhaps you can do the same 
starting from Reno.  

If I hadn't been able to get off at the summit, I had planned to hitch back 
up from Truckee.  I'm sure that would be no problem.