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[pct-l] Water Update Section G


Is there water at the Chimmey Creek Camp Ground. They turned the water of 
when I did that section several years ago. It was 115 degrees for two days from 
WP to CCCG. Do they still have same caretaken. I'm meeting some BP's there 
tomorrow on my way to Oregon


Just returned from a 3 day trek from Walker Pass CG north to Chimney Creek 

F13  647.2 miles: Walker Pass Campground - water was ON (7/29/04)

G1 659.3 miles; Joshua Tree Spring - pipe is flowing well;  trough is full

G3  66.7 miles: 1st branch of spanish Needle Creek - dry

G3 664.4 miles:  Spring-fed branch of Spanish Needle Creek - dry

G3 665.0 miles: Spring-fed streamlet is running moderately.

G3 665.2 miles; Upper branch of Spanish Needle Creek is flowing weakly. 
Horesmen have dug out the spring along the trail to make water available.(8/30/04)

G4 676.1 miles; Chimney Creek flowing weakly and disappears underground near 
trail crossing. Good flow in the campground (8/31/04)

G4 678.1 miles; South-bound horsemen told me they found Fox Mill spring 
running. I did not get that far.

Wandering Bob