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[pct-l] Steve Peterson Introduction


Good luck on your thru-hike next year. I do have a couple of comments to
make about your planning. The key to a successful thru-hike revolves around
preparation before the hiking and flexibility during the hike. While it's
good to have a plan on what you're what and how you're going to accomplish
your hike, "never say never". 

It's difficult to understand the changes you'll be going through on a
thru-hike until you've done one. So while preparations are good, you need to
be flexible enough to respond to unexpected circumstances. I've seen people
fail simply because they wouldn't easily adapt as they needed. 

In all likelihood when you're in hiker shape, you'll walk farther and faster
than at anytime in your life. So while a 30 mile day may seem daunting now,
your view will change after a couple of months on the trail.

If things aren't working out, feel free to experiment with different gear or
hiking methods. Listen to others, listen to yourself and keep plugging away.
There's no one right or wrong way to make it to Manning.