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[pct-l] hiking speed vs. pack weight

I beleive that alot of the 77' crew were thru-hiking the PCT with 40+ 
lb packs.  someone correct me if I am wrong.

> This discussion has been extremely helpful in deciding to how light to
> go. I have never thru-hiked but I am definitely attempting the PCT in
> 2006. I have been an avid backpacker all my life but I traditionally
> take a heavy load (i.e. 40+ lb packs). To me, it seems like such an
> accomplishment to go 50-60 miles in a few days. But it is WORK! It
> seems like there might be an intermediate level somewhere between
> ultra light and the daily fatigue associated with a heavy load. Is it
> possible to go, say, 25lbs and still be comfortable enough to do the
> whole route? Does anyone try to do this whole route with heavy packs?
> Could this be why there is about a 50% success rate for this venture?
> Thanks for all the discussion. Extremely helpful!
>> My sentiments exactly..
>> --- "Griffith, Paul C"
>> <Paul.C.Griffith@bankofamerica.com> wrote:
>>> Most of the gain in miles per day is not more miles
>>> per hour, but more hours actually moving (at least
>>> in my case).  I don't average much over 2 mph.  But
>>> if I sleep 7 and sit around 2 hours, I still can
>>> cover thirty miles in a day.  I find it is much more
>>> pleasant to amble along than to either sit and look
>>> at the scenery, or to rush athletically up the
>>> trail.  With a super light pack, I don't have to
>>> take long "breaks".  "Breaks" are to get away from
>>> work.  Strolling ain't work.
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