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[pct-l] New PCT food and lodging guide

Greetings from a longtime list-lurker and section hiker.

I wanted to call your attention to http://www.emeraldlake.com/pctguide

The beta 1 version of our modest site about food and lodging along the PCT
went live today.

Almost no graphics, but basic structure, text and links are pretty well
set. We're still continually de-bugging and testing as we add graphic

This resource is primarily intended for section hikers, dayhikers and their
families. In addition to our notes -- which currently cover central and
northern California from Kennedy Meadows (south) to Seiad Valley -- we've
also included appendices with other PCT links and the definitive list of
links to parks and administrative areas the PCT passes through.

Some people on this list may be particularly interested in our calculations
on the economic impact of hikers on rural economies (see the Introduction

See you on the trail.

David Plotnikoff