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[pct-l] A cool little find

Well,  I have used Starr's guide for 30 years(my edition say 1970) and it
was the only one I used until Secor's book The HIgh Sierra came out.  I
still use it for an overview of the sierras and although a thin volume it
is still useful.  Starr book was the place to find out about some of the
backcountry and highroutes off of trails that hardly exist anymore.  He
wandered around and did a tremendous amount of climbing which was my main
interest; sadly he was killed on Michael Minaret(near Mamoth), did a new
route, was found by another Sierra legend Norman Clyde, and his "remains"
are still there.  He soloed many Sierra Peaks and did a lot of first
ascents too.

May all know and appreciate the lives of Pete Starr and NOrman Clyde.