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[pct-l] Flip Flop PCT Hike

In a message dated 12/13/03 8:46:37 AM, Hiker97@aol.com writes:

<< I want to end my thru hike at Lone Pine, CA. How about starting at Campo 
late April and ending at Lone Pine around mid June.  Then starting at Manning 
(late June) and go south to end at Lone Pine and Mt. Whitney in mid 
Would I be in snow trouble up north in late June? >>

That entirely depends on the snowpack, and that won't be known until April. 
If the snowpack is 120% of normal on April 1 there will still be plenty of snow 
around on July 1. If it is less than 80% of normal, there will be little snow 
on the ground on July 1. The weather in May will also be a determining factor 
on the rate of snow melt. Keep in mind that snow becomes quite consolidated 
by July and is usually easy to walk on without post holing. I know this is not 
true in the Sierras. I think the difference is because the depth of the snow 
pack - plus rain- in the Cascades compresses the snow more
 Right now were are way above average in snow pack, but who knows what Feb 
and March will bring