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[pct-l] Backpacking Tip

Backpacking tip courtesy of Switchback: Too often the side pockets of packs 
are too short (6 inches) for anything but water bottles, etc. 

If you want to expand the pocket carrying capacity, then use a long narrow 
nylon bag and inside a small diameter wood dowel cut to the length size of the 
bag (available at hardware stores/cut dowel is about 2 ounces).? The wood dowel 
acts as a stiffener for the bag to hold it up straight when you lash it to 
the pack.? The side bag is secure as you walk along the trail and carrying dowel 
inside is only a few ounces.

The same concepts works with holding narrow tent bags with poles in these 
small side pockets.? In this case the poles act like a wood dowel stiffener.

This idea gives you a lot more options with your pack's carrying capacity.?