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[pct-l] Hiking in Ski Boots

  I plan to use an old pair of plastic Ski boots to do Trail next time. They are quite good in snow, your feet never get cold and you never feel the rocks along the trail. ( This are old K2 boots from the 70's which fit my retro theme well) They are a burnt red color so when you see an balding out of shape hiker with an old Jansport , Woolrich shirt, 6 lb. red ski boots near scisssors crossing, that would be me!!
  Actually Flyin Brian had a good ideal on his trip using 1/4 sheet metal screws in his running shioes to help with that early morning slick snow. I pair of spur feet green insoles help with rocks as they have a nice piece of hard plastic in bottom to help with stone bruising. If they work for a 260lb. hiker , they should work for most folks. Cabelas has neopreme socks to help with wet and cold conditions of early summer Sierras for running shoe hikers.
   Most hikers form the 70's had heavy boots for hiking and few would go back to them after using running shoes.