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[pct-l] packs: comfort vs weight: Why packs work

I think I was somewhat misunderstood.

If you are going ultralight [baseweight about 10 pounds] I would try the GV4
from Glen Van Peski. So, based on your example of a 10 pound pack I would
not try my 3.5 exterior frame modification. 

If you are going lightweight [Baseweight about 20 pounds] you MAY find that
a superior suspension is worth the extra pack weight. I that case I am
suggesting modifying an old Jansport. They originally came as the D-2, D-3,
D-5. The large size D-3 frame and hipbelt weighs in at 3 pounds. It is
trivial to design a simple 8 ounce pack bag that will hang from the pack
hoop. This approach will be cheaper then a new internal frame even if you
purchase the Jansport pack new and will be lighter than almost all etop
quality external frame packs. 

Please note that this recommendation is for men only. The old external frame
hip belts worked best for straight sided hips.  They had a hard time
contouring vertically outward, the bottom edge of the hip belt flaring
outside of the top edge. The hip belts from Dana and Natural Balance are
MUCH more comfortable on a woman's flared hips. They are actually two hip
belts, a top and a bottom belt. If I was modifying a Jansport for a woman I
would find an old D-5 [smaller frame] with aluminum swing arm, and I would
heat and bend the swing arm outward at the bottom to match the specific
woman's hips, then I would modify a Dana or Natural Balence hip belt to
support the pack by sewing the leather loop on the Dana.