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[pct-l] I 'm Off

 Yes, I can read Greg and Tom's lips right now!! ( He's been off for 
years!!!!) Going to Lake Chelan today for a week. boat and fish three days , 
then Thurday, hike the seventeen mile trail at the far end on the east shore 
for a few days to Stehiken and Boat back Saturday. You can also take the " 
Lady of the Lake boat to Prince Creek which is the start of the lakeshore 
trail . Then hike to Stehiken and boat back to the town of Chelan. Great 
trail with shelters and good fishing . This is a fun way to go in early to 
mid Sept. to say hi to the 2002 PCT crowd and even pull some trail magic for 
them. ( Like bringing a backpack full of alcohol and passing out like candy 
so they won't get stung with paying 4.50 for a 89 cent bottle of heat like 
last year in Stehekin. 

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