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[pct-l] "Skeeter Shield" (tomato-based mosquito, fly, tick repellant)

Not sure if this has been posted but I just saw a news segment about
the use of "wild tomatoes " to repel mosquitoes. Here's a review
on it:


"We know that according to the EPA [Environmental Protection Agency]
that it's safer than DEET," said Alan Brandt, chief operating officer
of the 4-year old company. "It's also as effective as DEET, if not
slightly more so."

To illustrate his point, Brandt spritzed the chemical, called IBI-246,
on the back of his hand and then pressed to his skin a vial holding
several mosquitoes. Within a second, the mosquitoes all shot to the
top of the vial to get away from the repellent.

It seems to be a fairly new product. It's also supposed to repel ticks,
flies and roaches.

Jim Serio - jim@rollercoaster.com