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[pct-l] sierra snow

Yeah the carbon dating thing and glaciation thread may seem a little far off
the track, but IMHO it does tie in to PCT subjects from the standpoint of
long-term planning. If - a big one - historical data in glaciers, carbon
dating of organic matter in snow/lake bottom/archaeological specimens allows
an accurate forecast of coming weather patterns I for one would like to know
about it. A prolonged drought affects water supplies along the trail and a
huge snow pack affects how/when to attack the thing. If I was thinking about
doing the trail and heard a long term forecast for drought conditions for
the next ten years, I might think twice about tackling the trail until 2012.
Taking a look at effects of greenhouse gases leads to considering ozone
depleting gases leads to UV intensity forecasts leading to how you feel
about spending four months or so at high altitude.
Its your call whether any of this stuff is important or not. From my
standpoint, understanding a little of the natural history of the country I'm
stomping through is part of what makes the sweat and pain worthwhile. I
became less of a tourist and more of a resident that way.
Gotta go, I'm late for my trepanning appointment.