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[pct-l] another east side transportation alternative

Ridgecrest is the only place that could be called a city near Walker Pass,
and it is big enough to have a taxi company which however does not operate
7x24.    Nevertheless they were willing to haul me from Inyokern to Lone Pine
on Memorial Day for $110 - cash in advance -
and further to Horseshoe Meadow (Trail Pass and Cottonwood Pass)
for $20 more.   Phone is 760-371-4222.

It had taken me three hours to get from Walker Pass campground to Inyokern.
After over an hour with no luck trying to get a ride toward Lone Pine, and the 
prospect of two more hitches to get to Horseshoe Meadows, I decided this
time was worth the money.

One of my rides was interesting - the driver was an owner of an outdoor
equipment store in Ridgecrest, and she volunteered her opinion that the 
PCT trail location was pretty stupid in many places.    The ride was over
before I got any more details. 

The night before in Ridgecrest, I had stayed at the Econolodge for $50.
Restaurants abound, but being a small city rather than a trail town,
it would be tiring to get around without a car.