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[pct-l] Dogs on trail?

Every time The Dog question comes up on the list there's a lot of anti
dog mails. Don't know why.

My experiences with dogs:
 * Like (most of) them
 * Never owned one
 * Hiked with a dog (and owner) thru Washington (around a month)
 * Hiked with/met a lot of people thruhiking with dogs.

And the conclusion: 
 * The vast majority of dogs I've met on the trail (AT and PCT) seemed
to do pretty well. Of course, all the unhappy ones might already have
gone home when I met their owners - so it's by no means "valid"
statistics. The dogs (again the ones I've seen) seem to do best with
hikers doing short days, say max 20 miles.
 * Dogs also need time to get used to hiking

Oregon should be ok, I guess. Two sections come to mind though. 
 * It might be illegal near Crater Lake. 
 * The lava section near Sisters might be hard. 
In addition Oregon can be quite warm (and dry) as the trail is pretty
low most of the time. Heat could be a problem, depending on when you go.

Good luck