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[pct-l] Hiking Speed

Yep I tried to keep UP!!! My toes still hurt. This guy is FAST and travels
light. However ask anyone at ADZPCTKO about him. he could sell ice cubes to

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<< This post is a total pile of crap. I hiked with this turkey at ADZPCTKO

my toes still hurt. 2.5 miles hiking speed. Ha! try double that.  Luxery

items NO way. Gimme a break. Anybody at ADZPCTKO knows that his pack weighs

less than 2 pounds and this guy is so full of hot air he floats. This guy is

a hardcore ultralight scumbag. Don't buy a used car from him. Trust me on

this. >>

Man, it looks like Tom morphed into Monte somehow. Now Tom, I feel compelled

to lecture you that everyone has the right their own opinion about the
of airline crashes and how fast to hike. I say if you can't let a guy hike 
his own 5 mile per hour hike, then the least you could do is view his speedy

hiking as HIS problem, and be grateful it's not yours -- unless of course
try to keep up! How's that saying go? "I feel so much better since I gave up

hope" --- of wanting to keep up, that is.