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[pct-l] handicaps/disabilities

Apparently SnoLeapard was the only reader to understand or give merit =
to,  what I was saying. And even he diverted back to Brian at the very =
end of his message.

His story of hiking w/a blind man is what I was trying to get at. And, I =
am not talking 'age'. I never have and never will see age as an excuse =
for virtually anything. There are many of us who love to hike, =
particularly on the PCT, who have to over come significant issues before =
and while on, the trail.  This is NOT a 'wow is me' issues. This was to =
be a friendly thread of those of us who have 'issues' that most others =
may not have.

As for me, Depression and Fibromyalgia are very real and difficult =
issues to over come to even get to the trail. And, I do NOT want, nor do =
I ask for anything but other stories. I do NOT 'feel sorry' for myself =
NOR do I want anyone else to in any way.  I just thought it might be =
interesting to hear some other situations we all over come for the love =
of the out-of-doors and all the marvelous trails out there in our grand =

BTW, FWIW, who among us labeled Brian the guru of hiking (long distance =
or not; long trails or not)?  Can't the man simply do what HE wanted to =
do without many criticizing him for what THEY wanted him to do?  Knock =
it off - the guy went for a hell of a long hike. I applaud him. And, I =
NEVER expected him to be the minister of hiking.

Another BTW, Jim, I LOVED your 'Ancient Wisdom...Business Practice'  As =
an x bureaucrat, it hit 'right on' the way the county I live in runs its =
agencies! Waste, waste and more waste!    But still, sadly enough, it =
was also a funny read.


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