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[pct-l] Re:Food Rethink

Geez, a guy hikes thousands of miles, sets a new
record and people are critical of his diet!! Eat
veggies a LOT, eat fruit, snack on seeds, eat fish and
if you get to feeling puny have a big steak dinner
with all the trimmings, that fits exactly the
recommendation given in Genesis and modified after the
flood and all my (informal) research bears it out

I'm just trying to get in shape for some hiking,
haven't a clue as to what to eat on the trail, if I
wasn't allergic to chocolate then Brian's diet sounds
like the way to go. Congratulations Brian!!


This is an official message from the Lake Los Angeles chapter of the Christian Fun Brigade of which I serve as main spokesman. Members include Leslie and Marion, and don't forget Charlie and Cleo whose duties include barking at delivery people and big bad dogs on T.V.

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