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[pct-l] Trail Food

"No such word as a bad calorie" - Hmmm, what about those bad peanuts Brian
was eating there for awhile...I'd say them were bad calories!!

 My point is that Brian's diet was far from ideal by normal standards.  
Salmon and other fish are loaded with Omega 3 oils and have good
( As opposed to the bad cholesterol found in Beef Organ meats like liver and

heart) Brians diet served him well and you can't argue with his success. 
Peanut butter and Snickers Bars don't have many organic enzymes, but that 
didn't seem to slow him down. As I stated before, no such word as a bad 
calorie!!!! ( Snickers, pizza and even salted prunes are all hiker fuel to 
burn) It doesn't  need to be named " power Bar" with millions of advertising

dollars thrown it's way to work. Brian found a system that worked well and 
was low-tec. I would say anyone who ate as Brian did, would fair well. ( 
Unless you are a diebetic) High carbs, High energy, High Fat!! ( Even 
Jardine's pastie corn mush, if you can get by the gritty texture of 4 day
Fritos laying in a mud puddle for 6 hours would work!!)  Calories are fuel 
and the more the better. ( And your body ain't picky!!!!!!!!! Get It???)