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[pct-l] Re: Arguing, was Congrats to Brian

I hope "CMountainDave" actually does care about the Pacific Crest Trail, 
and doesn't just really like to argue.  After continually citing the 
Wilderness Act, which as everyone has pointed out, doesn't concern itself 
with how many miles a day a person is suppossed to walk, now it looks 
like the argument is shifting to running marathons.

I think "CMountainDave" is an intelligent, sensitive, and caring person.  
I therefor suggest that starting pointless arguments and critisizing 
people who don't hike as you'd like them to hike might not be a 
productive use of your time.  Trying to impose your personal value 
systems on others is doomed to cause much aggravation.

Regarding hiking, I believe everybody definitly agrees on two important 
1. Don't hurt anyone and respect everyone.
2. Protect the environment.
These are very good, sound "universal" values.  I'm pleased this List is 
composed of caring, conscious people who support these ideals.

And I think the majority of people also agree:
1. The number of miles a person (like Brian) travels in a day bears no 
relation whatsoever to either #1 or #2 above.
2. The point is to get out there, have an experience.  The how's, what's 
and why's of that (including the slowness or fastness) are totally 
individual, totally up to that individual, and we should respect and 
appreciate each other and our wonderfull diversity, just as we appreciate 
the incredibly diverse and wonderfull natural environment we seek to be 

So maybe it's time to give this one a rest.  Go for a hike - try to 
relax!  Concern about the sanctity of wilderness areas is highly laudable 
and neccessary - I suggest volunteering with the PCT Association, the 
Sierra Club, or the many other organization trying to protect our trails 
and environment - that would be great, very helpfull.  However, 
critisizing people who don't hike like you do really really doesn't help 
the trails, it doesn't help anybody for that matter, including yourself.

Take Care,

Buzz Burrell

"Climb the mountains and get thier good tidings.  Nature's peace will 
flow into you as sunshine into trees.  The winds will blow their own 
freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop 
off like autumn leaves".
     You-know-Who, 1901