Rogue's Gallery of Some Members of PCNST Class of 2003

Unlike its predecessor for 2002, this gallery includes only a few prospective trail finishers I encountered in Washington's section J in September 2003.

I didn't ask for pictures when hikers seemed to be in too big a hurry to stop and chat, or when it was too late in the day and I was trying to get to my intended campsite, or when the rain was too demoralizing.

Anybody with additional or corrected information about any of these hikers, please send the correct info to . Building this gallery is a labor-intensive and error-prone process, so let me know of dead links.

To see the original full-size photo - sometimes a group picture - click on the small "thumbnail" picture below. My universal experience with this sort of gallery is that nobody likes his or her own picture but finds fascinating the other pictures of people he or she knows. So consider the former to be the price you have to pay for the latter.


  • Photo date and place (guidebook map)
  • City Name
  • Trail Name
  • Home Town
  • Email
  • Web Site URL
  • Start place and date not necessarily in 2003
  • Finish place and date in 2003
  • Gossip about yourself that you would like to share

Prospective trail finishers - not necessarily one-year through hikers - in order encountered.
  • #17 - 10 Sep 2003 J8
  • #23 - 10 Sep 2003 J8
  • #34 - 11 Sep 2003 J7
  • #41 - 11 Sep 2003 J6
  • #44 - 11 Sep 2003 J6
  • #50 - 11 Sep 2003 J6
  • #51 - 11 Sep 2003 J6
  • Bailey and Rachel (Eric Jensen on left)